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Food and Beverages

Restaurants, Bars, Pubs, Foods Delivery, Vending Machines,

Business and Economy

Event Organizers, Financial Services, Legal Service Providers, Office Space, Beauty Salons,

Health and Fitness

Beauty Salons, Hospitals, Psychotherapy, Dentists, Nursing and Care Services,


Farm Shops, Agricultural Supplies, Agricultural Machinery, Fruit and vegetable stores, Arts and Crafts,

Recreation and Sports

Arts and Crafts, Dance Lessons, Music Lessons, British Actresses,

Entertainment and Media

British Actresses, British Actors, Theatres, Nightclubs, Modeling Agencies,


Schools, Colleges and Universities, Computer Sales and Services,

IT Companies

Computer Sales and Services, Software Companies, Networking Companies , Pharmaceutical Companies,

Manufacturing and Industry

Pharmaceutical Companies, Engineering Works, Beauty Products,


Beauty Products, Clothes and fashion shops, Jewellery Shops, Supermarkets, Home and Appliances,


Used cars, Auto Parts Stores, Auto Repair Shops, Construction Companies,

Real Estate

Construction Companies, Building Maintenance, Engraving Services,

Small Business

Engraving Services,

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Punch Room

5 45 hits 1 User(s) Rated Bars

Refined oak paneled bar for crafted cocktails and upscale wines and beers.

Oriole Bar

5 59 hits 4 User(s) Rated Bars

Subterranean cocktail bar with explorer-style decor and live music, for cocktails and rare spirits.

Hayatt Pharmacy

5 26 hits 1 User(s) Rated Pharmacies

Hayatt is a Knightsbridge & Kensington chemist that offers prescription medicine, medical advice, health supplements, as well as makeup & beauty products.

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