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Hatton Garden Street Shop,Eat Visit

Hatton Garden Street Shop,Eat Visit

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Hatton Garden is a street and commercial zone in the Holborn district of the London Borough of Camden, abutting the narrow precinct of Saffron Hill which then abuts the City of London.
Hatton Garden is London's go-to shopping destination for diamond jewellery, watches and affordable luxury. With a history of independent jewellers and diamond traders, the Hatton Garden that exists today still thrives on the appeal of high-end pieces at affordable prices.
Hatton Garden is famous as London's jewellery quarter and the centre of the diamond trade in the United Kingdom. This specialisation grew up in the early 19th century, spreading out from its more ancient centre in nearby Clerkenwell.
Today, Hatton Garden remains a popular destination for those looking to buy or sell jewelry, as well as for tourists interested in exploring the area's history and culture.

Where To Eat and Drink in Hatton Garden

Hatton garden Eat
The Bleeding Heart offers a trio of options to cater for every occasion, the Bleeding Heart Restaurant, French Bistro and The Tavern.
1. The French bistro is one of three of the Bleeding Heart restaurants
2. Ye Olde Mitre is a traditional 1547 pub serving real ales, craft beers and all the usuals.
3. The One Tun is one of Saffron Hills’ more historic pubs
4. The Bleeding Heart Wine Bar
5. Labelled a ‘labour of love’ by the Londonist, Department of Coffee and Social Affairs offers handpicked, quality coffees
6. The Argyle serves real ale and great food, complete with relaxing roof terrace and an exclusive cellar bar ideal for private parties.
7. The Sir Christopher Hatton is a traditional character of unique character.
8. The Bleeding Heart Restaurant is the original flagship of the three places to eat within the Bleeding Heart eateries.
9. KIN is a small, family-run restaurant offering fresh, tasty, healthy pan-Asian street food at affordable prices.

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